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Tales from the Den:

Dark Fiction Volume 1

This one is near and dear to my heart. This is a collection of stories, flash fiction, and screenplays written by myself and my best friend, Jessica Raney. There's a little bit of everything in here.


Books of Horror: Community Anthology Vol. 1

I accompany a wide range of badass horror authors in this collection that was birthed from the Facebook group, Books of Horror, which is the best damn horror group on all of social media.

Read my story, DEATH SERVED, about a school for girls that isn't quite what it seems. 


Books of Horror:

Community Anthology Vol. 2

Another collection from the same awesome group mentioned above.

Read my story, OF YOUR OWN CREATION, about a girl who creates her own destiny. 


Eclectically Heroic

This was my first story accepted into a physical-print anthology. It was a pleasure to work with Fern Brady and Inklings on this one, including Kelly Colby, who polished my story to a diamond-shine. 

Read my story, FLIGHT OF THE CROW, about two women who form a life-altering bond. 


Monster Party

The great folks over at Deadman's Tome bought a story from me, and invited me on their podcast to talk about witches, Walmart, and mustard.

Read my story, THE FREEING OF BIG SAMMY PURDUE, a western/creature horror with plenty of blood and legs. 


100 Word Zombie Bites:

An Undead Drabbles Anthology

A collection of wee, bite-sized zombie tales.

Read my story, DAMMIT, about Sheila. Sheila is not having a good day. 

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