The Ramnon Tales

Welcome to Ramnon

This is a series of books set in the fiction then of Fort Ramnon, a place between life and death. I came up with the idea of Ramnon with my dad, who spent a great deal of time in Fort Norman, Northwest Territories, Canada. Dad was battling cancer at the time of our discussion, and we got into the what-ifs about life and death and where we end up when we're gone. Thus, Ramnon was born.


In these stories we visit all manner of creatures, including Sluagh, Wendigo, Banshees, and many other mythical creatures from the annals of folklore. The the world is the same, and some of the characters spill over into each of the stories, these are stand-alone novellas; it's great if you read them all, but it isn't necessary to read them in any particular order, and they each hold their own. Kind of like monster-of-the-week tales.

The fourth in the Ramnon series is expected to arrive in 2022. I'll keep you updated as to its progress and birth. 

Methink’st thou art a general offence...

William Shakespeare, about Jae, after time traveling. Probably. 


I love you dear, and I will always support you, but I just cannot read your books. All that horror. Icky.

Jae Mazer's mom. 



Drowning in a sea of despair and fear, young Abbey struggles through her childhood alone and afraid. She lives on an isolated acreage with a cold and abusive family, spending her time afraid and miserable in her solitude.


But is she truly alone?


Abbey’s brother has convinced her that there is a witch living in their basement. Everyone knows it’s just a wicked story told for the sake of torment, but Abbey can’t help wondering if there really is something horrible and terrifying lurking beneath the stairs, watching, waiting…


CRONE is a tale of a witch that hides in the dark corners of the mind and deep in the shadows of life. It is a tumultuous journey filled with pain and joy, blood and smiles, suffering and relief, monsters and magic. Come along with Abbey as she escapes her childhood and is thrust into adulthood, followed by the ghosts of her past, and a fairytale that couldn’t possibly be real.


Could it?