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Mister Picket Blackmaw

A serial killer. Ghosts. A woman determined to silence the demons from her past. And a darkness that lurks in the woods, hungry for blood...


People are disappearing in the small community of Picton.


It’s not big news in the city where Freya lives, but when she stumbles across the story in her local newspaper, whispers from her guilt-ridden childhood call her back to the life she thought she’d escaped decades ago. Answering the summons of her own murky history, Freya journeys home to reunite with her long-lost best friend and her one remaining family member at the farm she once ran away from in the middle of the night. As soon as she arrives, she finds both twisted memories and fresh horrors waiting for her: killers, ghosts, and something dark that waits at the edge of the woods, hungry for blood and suffering. Now Freya must decide if she’s willing to face the demons of her past and her present—and if she’s prepared for the cost of fighting.

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I started my writing journey with a traditional publisher, Netherworld Books, and gradually moved to self-publishing as I gained confidence with both my skills and knowledge of the industry. Through self-publishing, I learned an important lesson: I love to write. I love to tell stories. I do not like all the other stuff it takes to put those stories in the hands of readers. So I ventured out in seek of a publishing contract with my latest manuscript. I got a couple rejections, but then three offers from three separate publishing companies. After doing some research, and having a Zoom call with Raven Tale, I decided they were the way to go. I signed on with them to publish my Ramnon series, including a brand new Ramnon Tale!

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Welcome to Ramnon

Fort Ramnon is a place where all the misfit and outcasts of horror folklore reside. It is neither heaven nor hell, but just, well, after. Each story focuses on one type of creature from folklore, and the culture from where it emerged. The fourth Ramnon tale is nearing completion, and I have many more waiting in the wings of my brain, ready to slit onto the page.


I came up with the idea for Fort Ramnon in conversations with my dad while he was battling cancer. We talked about life, love, loss, and the possible fantastical worlds waiting for us on the other side of it all. This series is a direct result of this conversation that took place during his last month of life.

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The Feathered

Death is imminent for Layla Carsten. She is hopeless, depressed, tired. She decides to welcome death on her own terms.


But death has other plans. 


Thrust into a horrific and fantastical afterlife, Layla is forced to make a choice: life, death, or the dark unknown?


The Consumed

Caught in a toxic marriage, Nell waits for something to give, wishing for it to end. But is her husband merely abusive, or is he something else? Something worse?


This is a folklore tale set in the prairies of Alberta, Canada, where the most terrifying legends are based in fact. Join Nell as she scrambles to stay afloat in a crumbling life and abusive marriage, all while navigating the horrors of both a fantastical monster and a notorious killer.

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The Wailed

Every night, Sisters Saoirse and Imogen beg their Dadai to read to them from an old story book, Tales From Ramnon. They’re entranced by the mythical creatures described within its weathered pages.


But when tragedy devastates their blissful childhood, the book is closed, and the sisters are forced to cope with a loss darker than they could have ever imagined. 


As Saoirse and Imogen grow into adults, they attempt to navigate their lives in County Cork, Ireland. But phantoms from their past have followed them, lurking in the shadows and wailing in the night. In desperation, one sister turns to drugs to quiet the horrors, while the other embarks on a journey to seek answers from the fables and myths of their childhood. 


This is a folk horror story about addiction, loss and pain, family and love, and the possibility of creatures beyond our understanding.


Sometimes the stories are real.


Methink’st thou art a general offence...

William Shakespeare, about Jae, after time traveling. Probably. 


I love you dear, and I will always support you, but I just cannot read your books. All that horror. Icky.

Jae Mazer's mom. 

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