Gahl's Door


Gahl is not human. He was, but is no longer. He spends his days mulling about the afterlife, residing in a dilapidated building with others who have also been banished to a place beyond death. The only chance Gahl has to escape the four walls that contain him is when he is sent out to bear witness to death; to return to the before-life to be the last thing a person sees moments before they pass. 

Then Caleb comes into his life. Once Gahl and Caleb meet, strange things start to happen in the two realms. Gahl’s home begins to entertain visitors who should not be privy to the afterlife, and the dead start traipsing through the before-life. 

Gahl's Door is the story of a ghoul and a young man who set out to make sense of their worlds, and as a result, themselves. If you’re brave enough, travel through the door with them and experience realities only found in nightmares...