I am writing for a serial fiction site called It’s a really interesting concept, where people can purchase a monthly subscription, or pay for a package deal, and get access to a certain number of authors publications. These can be read anywhere you have access to the internet; your phone, tablet, or computer.
I am writing a horror series called Chrysalis and Clan, and I release a new episode at least once a month. It is an ongoing story, and I anticipate it will last about a year. I am also co-writing a story, Ripples of Silence, with my father, Gerry Mazer. This has been a very cool experience, and we are ending up with a killer story (pun intended).
If you are interested in reading this series, and the work of other great authors, subscribe! It’s simple.
The best bang for your buck is to purchase a gift code, and buy a package.

You will then be sent an email code, which you can redeem when you go to subscribe to a series. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at 
Thanks, and happy reading!
Jae Mazer