I am a proud Canadian, born and raised. My life began in Victoria, British Columbia, and continued in Alberta before I headed south in 2010 to Houston, Texas.

I grew up reading novels drenched in horror and science fiction, and I was drawn to cinema and television that fell into those genres as well. Before the age of ten I had read Dean Koontz's Watchers, Stephen King's The Shining, and Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes. Before I hit my teenaged years I had polished off Robert McCammon's Swan Song, still my favourite to this day. As for the screen, in a single weekend my dad and I (much to my mom's dismay when she later found out) blazed through great horror and space classics including The Exorcist, Poltergeist, and Star Wars. Between the books and the flicks, I grew deep and early roots set in this genre, and that is where I now weave my webs.

Is that all I do? Sit around, coffee or booze in hand, writing madly as my skin grows ever paler under the dim glow of an office light? No, there is another me as well. A me that wrangles a spirited, lovable toddler, day in and day out. There is also the me that loves music; I play saxophone in a concert band, flute in a flute choir, teach piano lessons from my home, and play the violin just for the hell of it. Then there is the me that likes lazing in the pool, drinking spirits and wine, enjoying the southern sun. Writing, wrangling, music, and lounging. Life is good.

I hope that people like my stories. Some people will not. Some will be offended, some turned off by my language, violence, and/or liberal politics. And that's okay. I write only what I enjoy and what I feel. My goal is to entertain, and I simply might not be your cup of tea. So have a sip, and if you like it, I will be brewing for many more years to come.


A little bit about me.....